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What Is Your Warranty?

There are several factors that contribute to algae growth.

#1. Moisture from high humidity, rainfall, and the morning dew help fuel algae growth.

#2. Large trees shading the roof block sunlight. The shade slows drying time.

#3. The older the roof the slower it drys out. Sun and heat dry out the asphalt mat. As the shingles oxidize over time because of the sun, the asphalt mat does not dry out as fast as when the shingle was new.

#4. The steepness of the roof and the direction each side faces make a difference.
The north sides of your home will grow more algae because it simply gets less sun
causing it to stay wet longer. The siding, the brick, the patios, will all have more algae growth on the north sides. The south side of your house gets sun all day meaning less moisture and less algae growth.

#5 Shingle quality and attic ventilation. All shingles are not created equal.
Attic ventilation is probably the most important factor to the life of a roof.
An extremely hot attic will age your shingles very quickly. Algae is ugly, but in the end, heat is what ultimately destroys all asphalt shingle roofs.

How Long Will It Last?

After the roof is washed we suggest spraying a preventative every 2 years to keep the roof clean. Keeping the roof clean cost much less than letting it get stained and having it washed again.

How fast the roof stains again will depend on the factors listed below.
Back when Houston was in a drought, roofs would stay clean as long as 4 years before stains appeared on the north sides again.

Since 2015 Houston has had above average rainfall. More rain more algae growth.

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We have a 2 year warranty that black algae stains will not return.