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Beware of 5 Year Warranties
A lot of companies advertise a 5 year warranty. These are extended warranties that you have to pay for up front. The bet is
when it's time for your warranty you will have moved or replaced your roof.
Our services are Pay As You Go.
Our roof cleaning service will keep your roof clean for up to 3 years and we offer a set cost for maintaining the roof so there are no
hidden cost.
You pay us when you need us.
How long will it last?
When an asphalt shingle roof begins to get algae stains it is a sign that the algae resistance built into the shingle is beginning to
fail. Metals like
copper and zinc are added to shingle gravel to slow down deterioration of the shingles by algae. Over time these
preventative additives expire and the shingle becomes susceptible to algae growth.

3 years is the average a roof will stay clean after algae growth is removed.

In other words, once the algae resistance that is built into the shingle is gone it takes about 3 years for the shingle to show algae
growth. When you clean asphalt shingles that have algae growth
and treat with a preventative it takes about 3 years for stains begin
to show again.

The same is true for tile that has lost if factory finish.