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Welcome to our Know Your Roof page.
We will try to answer some common questions about roofs.
Roof Leaks
What are the Stains?
Maintaining Your Roof
We Get The Stripes Off!
The dark stains on your roof are caused by an algae actively growing. Our high humidity and warm
climate are the perfect conditions for algae and mold to thrive.
Because of the angle of the sun the north and west sides of your roof stay wet longer from the morning

dew. The south and east sides get sun early and dry out quickly. As algae grows on the shingles it

holds the moisture and causes the roof to stay wet even longer. Trees help the algae growth by
providing shade and preventing the sun from drying off the roof. The algae will eventually work it's way
around and cover the south and east sides too even though they get a lot of sun.
Most roof leaks are caused by failing vent jacks. The vent pipes for a homes plumbing pass up through the shingles and are secured with jacks to seal out
water. Most roof jacks are either a lead sleeve or a rubber boot type seal. Over time the sun cracks the rubber or squirrels eat away the lead allowing rain
water to enter your home. The vent pipes are in the walls and sometimes it takes a while before you notice the leak. If you have a leak near a bathroom or
your kitchen there is a good chance it is one of your vent pipes.
Poor attic ventilation in our opinion is the number one roof killer. If you do not have good air flow through your attic your roof will basically burn up turning
the asphalt into dust. Once the
asphalt matting dries out there is nothing to hold the ceramic gravel to the shingle so the gravel just rolls off.
Algae build up is another reason a roof will fail early. The algae holds water on the roof surface and over time that will also break down the asphalt matting
causing the gravel to come off.
Trees should be cut back so that limbs are not touching the roof. Wind moves the tree limbs causing them to rake the roof, damaging the shingles.
A clean roof with good attic ventilation can easily last 25 years.
Extreme Examples
The white you see on this roof is fiberglass reinforcement that is
used in the
asphalt mat. The brownish specks are what is left of
the ceramic gravel. The asphalt mat is almost completely gone.
This roof had one small attic vent.
The house in the background is the same shingle and the same
age. Notice it has added ridge vents. Although covered with algae
it still has most of it's gravel.
Trees rubbing your roof will damage the shingles.